MessagingService imposes a risk for terms of service abuse

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to provide an in-game report method for a player on a different server.

With MessagingService, you can have real-time communication between two servers.
Player A does something against the terms of service to Player B, which is in an entirely different server.
It is impossible for Player B to report Player A from the in-game menu, or using in-game methods.
Additionally, if the player reports the user from the website, all messages that the player sent using MessagingService only contains their messages (if filtered properly), and not the target players responses.
Built-in method.

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It’s always been possible to let players talk in other servers (DataStores, HTTPService, etc.), just a bit more difficult.

Also, what exactly is your feature request? Judging by the link, I think you’re asking for the ReportAbuse method to be unlocked, but that’s incredibly unclear. You may want to edit your post a bit.


The method does not need to be unlocked, the internal functionality of the game can be changed. It doesn’t matter how Roblox solves this problem, however letting players talk in other servers was difficult in the past. This system is a real-time built-in function allowing this to be a thing extremely easily. Because of the fact that this is so easy, other games that will use this are at a higher risk, because it would be widespread.

Cross-messaging has existed before MessagingService was developed - Miner’s Haven has the ability to shout to the entire playerbase using gems. As far as I know, the only thing required is to FilterForBroadcast the player’s message. Perhaps @berezaa can shed some more light on the security/moderation of the feature.

When you do Report Abuse, a receipt of recent chat log is sent along with the report. So even if there was a cross-server Report Abuse, it would be useless since they are only drawing information from the chat log, not from that information that comes in via cross-server messaging, nor should they because that can be faked by the developer. Anything made custom by the developer that doesn’t involve the built-in chat mechanisms cannot be used to populate an in-game report.