Meta Homestore Christmas Update

Meta Homestore Christmas Update

Winter takes over the homestore as snow as fallen everywhere!

Whats new?

  • All new Christmas line up now available for purchase in our group or in the homestore!
  • New music is now in rotation
  • The pond has been frozen! You can now walk on the pond while its frozen (Don’t crack the ice)
  • All new casual section on the 2nd floor
    • More casual clothing coming soon :wink:


  • Front mannequins now display Christmas clothing
  • Holiday Themed map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed clothes not prompting the player with a purchase ui
    • Holiday clothes were mostly effected here
  • Fixed textures colliding with one another
  • Fixed visual bugs
  • Fixed a bug where some players did not see the loading intro screen

Be on the lookout for the New Years update!

Big thanks to everyone of our customers! We are a growing community and we thank every single one of you who have been with us through this journey.