Metro Simulator - Glasgow Guide

This is a guide that explains everything about Metro Simulator - Glasgow.
This guide will get updated as new features are added.



Stop marker

Station stop markers are the dotted lines at the end of platforms. The front of your train has to be located within it.

In case of the emergency brake being applied (either manual application or passing a signal at danger), you must reset the throttle by setting it to 0% to proceed.

1977 Stock

Main controls

A thing to note: while the physical speedometer in the driver’s cabin is in km/h, the one on the UI is in mph.


Key bindings
Computer, keyboard

Increase throttle - W (or drag)
Decrease throttle - S (or drag)
Throttle 0% - A
Throttle -100% - X
Interact - Left mouse button
Change FOV in cab view - Mouse wheel
Horn - H
Doors - T
Map - M
Hide UI - Shift + H
Change direction (when prompted) - R
Cycle between camera views - C
Different camera views (1 - Cab, 2 - Front, 3 - Back) - Number keys
Cycle between sub-views of a view - Arrow keys

Sit in train - E


Increase throttle - Move L joystick up
Decrease throttle - Move L joystick down
Throttle 0% - Button L3
Throttle -100% - Button B (Circle for Playstation controllers)
Interact - Button R3
Change FOV in cab view - L2 and R2 trigger buttons
Horn - Button A (X for Playstation controllers)
Doors - Button X (Square for Playstation controllers)
Map - DPad up
Hide UI - None
Change direction (when prompted) - Button Y (Triangle for Playstation controllers)
Cycle between camera views - DPad down
Different camera views (1 - Cab, 2 - Front, 3 - Back) - None
Cycle between sub-views of a view - DPad left and right

Sit in train - Button X (Square for Playstation controllers)


Interact with the UI
Note: Interactable controls are not available on mobile at this time.


Play the game here: Metro Simulator - Glasgow.
Join our group here: Metro Simulator.

All credits go to the corresponding developers.

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