Metropolis Brothers Community - List of Entertainment


Here at metropolis brothers, we want to bring daily entertainment to you every day and we are slowly bringing entertainment towards you. We want to list the entertainment that is coming or available NOW!

1. Experiences and Events

Challenge Towers [REMASTERED]

Try to beat your friends and put your Roblox Parkour skills to your test in Challenge Towers! Can you beat your foes?

PLAY NOW: Challenge Towers [REMASTERED] - Roblox

Sunny’s Difficulty Chart Obby

A hard obby that gets harder and harder as you progress through the stages. There are 200 stages available and they are not easy! Can you beat them?

PLAY NOW: [NUKES] Sunny's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

Food and Restaurants Tycoon [BETA]

Love food? Create your restaurants to earn money for your company? Can you get 1M$ in one day?

PLAY NOW: Food & Restaurants Tycoon [BETA] - Roblox


There are no in-game events currently going on right now!

2. Bloxburg Roleplay (Starting Sept. 3rd 2021)

Have bloxburg? Join us in our neighborhood to roleplay! Check the dates and times below to see when roleplays begin!

DATES AND TIMES: Metropolis Brothers - Bloxburg Neighboorhood Roleplay


There’s none currently!

3. Virtual Firework Spectacular!

Love fireworks? Join us in our firework spectacular game for an amazing show that you can never forget!

FIREWORKS TIMES: Metropolis Brothers - Virtual Fireworks Times

There is more to come…