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About Me

Hello! I am MettaMojo! I am a new member to the developer fourms, and I would like to greet myself with other members! I am a decent builder, I prefer to build because building has always been a fun thing for me to do!


You can view my place here: (I discontinued it, making a better project


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekdays. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work on the weekends due to personal activites, such as lawn work, etc.


My prices will be valued, depends on the work I need to do, simple buildings = less price, a lot of building = greater price.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or on discord, #MettaMojo4858

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Btw you are not a builder if you use other peoples free models as your own.
Also you are not a scripter aswell because you used a free simulator model and it barely worked


I built those models myself, and I was watching videos on tutorials on how to build a sim, the models and stuff I made. thank you very much, like I said I am not good at scripting just building, so thats why I watched those videos. Please don’t be rude, just ask questions instead.

No you didn’t make the models yourself I saw them on the toolbox. Also you can’t call yourself a scripter if you have to watch youtube vids bc you can’t do it yourself. The reason I’m like this is bc I don’t want people to be cheated

The only models I used were a mountain model, and sign, I built the rest. Also you are right I shouldn’t call myself a scripter. Thanks for your opinions.

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I’ve seen those tutorials, you didn’t make any of the models that were shown in the game you linked, all of them were in the tutorial. Please don’t be trying to scam people my guy.


You are so dumb. I made the shop and sell places, and the map floor, I only used the mountain models, and sign.

bruh thats from gamerm8 and thats his free models

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This is assuming you made them (I have not looked into the claims, and will not say they are fact), I believe that you should spend some more time learning how to develop before you offer your services as a developer for payment. Also for future reference, have your portfolio contain images. This allows for people skimming through to see your work better.
This is constructive criticism and tips, I am not denouncing you or your work

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All you did was add a few parts and put them in the wall, so technically you’re the dumb one - you can’t be selling your services when you’re showing that “your” work is stolen.

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Ok ok, the man might have used free models, but watching a video on youtube on how to script is totally normal, everyone of the people who said he “cheated”, haven’t you watched at least one single video on scripting, everyone starts out somewhere. And if the man used free models, he can fix it, if not, that’s on him. I’m just saying, you can’t complain for the guy just because he watched a youtube video.