Miami County | Rules

Main Rules

  • No spamming,

  • No bullying/harassment,

  • No fail RP,

  • No spawn killing,

If you break any of the rules below you will have a time ban of 1 - 2 days. If you continue after that you may get a ban of 6 months - 1 year.

Assumed Rules By The Public (Players)

Q: Is caps abuse allowed?
A: No, not unless you are in a private server & the owner of the server has given you permission.

Q: Is spam spawning cars allowed?
A: Strictly not. If seen by a Mod+ you may receive a ban.

Please note: A moderator for Miami County (Or White Forest Police) has the right to change these rules as he/she thinks is best, so it is advised to look over these rules every one-and-a-while.

Please go by these rules as it makes the game a nice, and happy place for people to RP in :smile:

Official Mods/Admins

DerikTheDogo, Finnsofficial.

Last update to rules: 4/3/21