Microprofiler in Accurate Play Solo should distinguish better between server/client threads

As a Roblox developer, is it hard to use the microprofiler in Studio’s Accurate Play Solo, because the client and studio threads are both in the same view, no matter if the microprofiler is observed from the client or from the server.

The following screenshot shows that this is the case. I simply create a new profile section on both the client and on the server with appropriate name, and do some trivial heavy work to make it show up. As can be seen, while on the client view of Accurate Play Solo, both sections can be seen, which is confusing if I hadn’t labeled the sections in the way I did:

Preferably, the client/server view should show the respective threads for that simulated network node. Not show the same threads on both. Or, the microprofiler should clearly point out (perhaps on the worker names?) which belong to the server and which to the client.

If Roblox were able to address this issue, it would improve debugging for performance in Accurate Play Solo, because the developer can more easily see which blocks are run on which network node, and there is less information clutter, making the microprofiler overall easier and more intuitive to use.