Mid end GFX Artist needed! For Gamepass Icons


I’m looking for someone who can make our games gamepass icons, I need at least 15 icons made in about a weeks time. The games build is still not final but we are making a tycoon from scratch and are looking for something like NYC 19th century when it comes to the style (see pictures below for examples). The game will have an innovative building system as well as a unique style and won’t be a simple, boring compy of “Super Hero Tycoon”.

Building System Demo

Game's Style

*Please note that the watermark and weird resolution is there on purpose and is not present on the game itself.


I can offer both PayPal and Robux and we can decide on a price together.
Please note that I require you to show me a portfolio of some past work.

Contact Info

Discord: Szramus#9407
Roblox Group: The Official Nowdotheharlemshake Fan Club - Roblox

I leave you my portfolio if you’re interested in being in touch Lasdark17 | Artist ,logo designer, 2D,designer miniatures GFX| Portfolios

I sent a fr req on discord. My portfolio is very outdated on my profile btw

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