Minery Update Log

14 September 2020

Features Added:

  • Caverns

    • Caverns randomly spawn throughout the mine as you dig. They are filled with ores and have lanterns for lighting.
  • Daily Rewards and Log-in Streaks

    • Recieve rewards every day you log in. Longer streaks give you better rewards!
  • Lanterns

    • Place Lanterns inside the mine to light up the area! Purchase Lanterns from the Trader.
  • Hotkeys

    • You can now use hotkeys for certain menus and items:
      • E: Lantern
      • Q: Dynamite
      • M: Mute
      • B: Missions
      • R: Checkpoints
  • Premium Benefits

    • If you own Roblox Premium then you’ll get the ‘Premium Brand’ pickaxe and extra log in bonuses!
  • VIP Pass

    • The VIP pass will give you the ‘Premium Brand’ pickaxe, extra log in bonuses, a VIP chat colour, and a 15% discount on all pickaxes in the shop!

Features Changed:

  • You only need 2 Fragments to upgrade to the next level. (Down from 4).
  • Mining speed upgrades are doubled!
  • You can now upgrade multiple fragments at once and you don’t need to wait for the animation to complete before upgrading a different fragment set.
  • Increased Mine Regen Limit. Up to 25,000 from 15,000. Also changed the system slightly so it correctly counts bricks that were mined.
  • Visibility has been updated to work with the new Atmosphere system.
  • The lighting system has been changed to work with Future Lighting. (Waiting for Roblox to make this live)
  • New +10 buttons for purchasing Dynamite and Lanterns.
  • Changed the Trader purchase buttons to be more reactive on purchase.
  • Other small miscellanous changes and fixes.

17 September 2020

Features Added

  • New UI to display Cash, Gems, Keys, Lanterns, and Dynamite!
  • New UI to show the Inventory.
  • Added a sign near the Waterfall to show the available Hotkeys.

Features Changed

  • Removed the Fragments menu and merged it with the Blacksmith menu.
    • You can now Craft and Upgrade from the same menu.
  • Moved the Cash, Gems, Keys, Lanterns, and Dynamite to a single location to make it easier to find.
  • Moved the Inventory to it’s own menu.
  • Reworked how the Dig system works to make it more reliable and work better on slower/unstable connections.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bedrock to be hidden from the Upgrade Pickaxe menu.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to upgrade their pickaxe beyond the limits.