Minigame game I made!

I have made this minigame compilation game called “Tower of Minigames”

It is very small but I will add more games to this as well as more features to come!


:warning: Take note that the music is might be copyright protected, (I have no idea since I took the music from the Roblox Library).

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Your game is pretty fun! However, some things could improve:


  1. There isn’t much things to do in the lobby while the player is waiting for the next minigame, except watching players during the game. Perhaps you could add an obby inside the lobby?

  2. Try and add some detail in the lobby, right now it’s a white box.

  3. I really like the watching area in the middle of the lobby!

  4. A vote system for the next minigame would be pretty nice too!


  1. Your volcano obby could be a bit longer, it feels short at the moment.

  2. The sword fight minigame is good with people, however if you are the only one in the server, there is nothing to do in the sword fight minigame. You should add some enemy NPCS that attack the player!

  3. There is a lack of minigames at the moment, however I understand that you will add more in the future.

  4. If you are the only player in the game, and do nothing, you basically get free wins, this can be seen in the sword fight minigame.


  1. I really like the change in music during intermission and mini-games.

  2. Your shop GUI doesn’t scale to all devices properly, as seen in this image:

  1. I cannot see what the yellow text says in this button of the shop gui, seen in the image below:


Overall, this and other player’s feedback will benefit your game! Good luck on your project!


Thank you so much for your feedback! :happy1:
I have taken most of your Ideas from the feedback into consideration.

I cannot make a script that detects inactive players right now as Roblox does not have the ability to tell whether or not a player is moving.

Once again I thank you for your feedback!

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Ok so. The sword fight minigame. Ok. You can’t kill people with the sword.

Ok, I don’t know how to explain but you can kill people with the sword.

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Swords dont work, the obby is way way too easy, and the lobby is super bland but I like the concept

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Hello! thanks for the feedback, apparently the Roblox classic sword was broken and could not be used on R15 players. Don’t worry, the bug has been fixed in the latest update!

You should add a script to stop the current minigame if all the players in the match have died or left.

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good game overall
suggestions: make a death message when player dies, save player items when they buy something from the shop



Thank you for your feedback!
Thanks to a “DeathHandler” system , I can make a killfeed easily!
Once again thanks for your feedback as it contributes to this game!