Minimap Creator [RoRender]

Can you add texture support? I’d like to export map with textured trees but now i have these ugly squares


If that’s a CSG or a MeshPart then you’ll need to change your collision fidelity to default.


I followed all the instructions correctly and the map was just a 100x100 black photo.

Black means is the default color when the ray does not hit anything. Make sure you are actually aiming at your map and adjusting the ray length to compensate.

Can you be more specific on what the ray level would be appropriate as?

Should it be a Y where you can see the full map looking down?

No the Y height should at minimum one stud above the tallest point in the map

The ray length should be 1 stud lower than the lowest point on the map or
RayLength = (HighestPoint + 1) - (LowestPoint -1)

Would it be possible to ignore transparent parts?

The most performative thing would be to just make a copy of the map and just run a loop through all your base parts and remove transparent ones.

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My seen not be working, how do i fix it?

Those error messages are not related to RoRender.

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Hello my game is so big it takes so long to render it, would turning the pixels per stud work better, with my current map the x Pixels are 37000 or so, here are some screenshots, and problems i have as Ro render is very confusing.


  1. Sometimes i get a completely black png
  2. Take so long to render a large map
  3. Nothing in the plugin makes sense


This one is weird

This one is weird too

A close up of rocks?

Very close up water…

Black image…

And a working render of a part of my map, i don’t know how this one worked.

Are you using the newer version of the plugin widgeon made. It has dragger handles that let you easily “aim” the rendering to within the box.

As for taking too long, that has more to do with how many cores your cpu has, however you can speed up the process by making ray length as short as possible.

37,000x37,000 is too large and will create a black image, try creating smaller Cube sections and stitching them together. As for the other issues try using the newer one:

The red cubes you see in your image are because those parts may be invisible but red, or textured but base color red.


Please improve the resizing. The handles are really glitchy and hard to use


I have problem, that image 5000x5000 renders, but doesnt export

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That doesn’t seem to fix it,


My mesh collision fidelity is set to default.

Could OP help with this issue?

Is that suppose to be a normal looking plane?

It has textures

But when exporting the image it has no textures

RoRender is not designed to handle textures in it’s current form, in the meantime I recommend using photoshop to give the plane textures.

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That wouldn’t… ahh… hmm

Okay kinda a issue since most of the map is using textures :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks tho.