Minor Rigging Problem

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so i’m still kinda new to animating and decided to animate my old 3d model chest. After rigging it i decided to export it to studio as a fbx file using avatar(custom). after exporting it the placement of the chest hatch and the body is messed up and end up not animatable. Is there anyway to fix this problem or a better way to rig it?
In Blender
In Studio

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Try exporting each part you want animated; eg, the lid of the chest, and then the bottom. Make sure to click “ok” when Studio asks you if you want to place the mesh at the original location. From there, you can use a Motor 6D to make the lid movable across the bottom.

If the lid does not move in the way you want, use the plugin RigEdit to change that:


should i also export the rigs when exporting it seperately?

just export each section you want to control as an obj or fbx

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Quick checklist:

  1. Accept all rotation and scale modifications on your parts and armature.
  2. “Facing front” is the -Y axis in blender.
  3. Parts are parented to the armature, with deform. For some reason, this is needed for the animation to export.
  4. All parts and armature have the same origin.
  5. Export whole model as an FBX. Custom avatar importer should be fine.
  6. in Animation Editor, import animation from FBX.

This should catch a couple issues. Let’s see where you end up after this.


sorry but im still confused. do i accept in blender or studio?

Steps 1-4 are all in blender. Ctrl-A accepts modifiers

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