Mirai Update Log

Welcome to Mirai!

The world of Mirai is an Open-World region areas. Each Region contains new Resources to Mine / Collect. Explore anywhere… Only limit is Leveling up to Mine new resources.
Sell resources in exchange for Jewels. You can purchase Upgrades, Cosmetics and more.

How to play

Inventory - X
Sit - F
Interact - E

How to play:
Go up to a tree and Interact to chop it. This will give you logs. Currently you only have 100 Storage.
You can have up to 100 per resource. If increased then you can gain more. (Max storage warning will be in the next update)
Resources can be sold to Mysterio. to Quick teleport press the Cash Sign in the Inventory menu.

You can Level up as you gain resources. Levels are required to unlock other resources.

Play here!
Thanks to the UGC Creators for Cosmetics and other meshes

New Updates

Update 1.2.5

  • FIXED: Live events not working has now been fixed and should not fail on easter.
    Added new lighting effects and a new Day / Night cycle - Should be smooth + night will go quicker so you get more day light. 2 new Cosmetics available in the Rotation for the shop.

  • New Setting option | Render Distance - You’ll be in control of how far the render goes.
    Be warned: the more it is increased the more resources render.

  • New Lobby in the game while assets load or instant play (Select the “Play” near the Campfire)

  • Custom Spawn points. Around Mirai you may find a Camp setup. Go near the Campfire to make that your spawn point next time you enter.

  • Updated the daily shop which now rotates 4 items per day instead of 3. Event items will have its own slot instead of replacing an item. Adding up to 4+

  • Events will happen on specified days or real life holidays. Check out the Daily shop for limited items being sold on April 1st & Easter

  • Level cap has increased to Level 100 Get choppin’ !

  • New Vignette around the camera (if received badly will be removed)

  • Fixed the Chat tag system that will give you multiple tags if you own multiple

Old Updates

Update 1.15
  • Added Resource render distance to save on rendering (Distance - 175 Studs)
  • New XP Progress bar with Levels and XP in text each side of it
  • New Cosmetic: Torch Axe (Available in the Daily Shop)
Update 1.1
  • Tons of new Cosmetics (Can’t be sold!)
  • Ability to mine Gears randomly when hitting Rock resources
  • Teleport to Markets with your Inventory!
  • XP Scales with Level
  • Resources have random amount of drops (Min 2 per hit)
  • Expanded / New regions
  • Tons of new fixes, replacements, adjustments, etc etc etc.