Mirror Reflection Feedback

I’ve recently been experimenting with mirroring objects, more specifically ground surfaces. I created a perfect reflection by placing a replica of my build counter to my build and bordering it with an ice surface. What do you guys think and what else could this be applied to?

Reflective Illusion

Ice Border Under


wait are those 2 different room?



The reflection is on top, the ice border is on the bottom.

So its not a real reflection?
I guess

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The illusion of one I guess. :grinning:

The light looks a bit out of place in the first image (I’m not a builder so it’s impressive anyway), but other than that it looks very cool! :open_mouth:

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This was usually how older games made reflections, especially with the floor. You made it really good on this one. It sells the idea of a perfect reflection. Great job!

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Its just two same model with one of 0.5 transparency