Missing specular/reflections inside buildings

Currently it is too hard to build good looking Indoor environments with shadow map lighting. This is because materials with specular highlights and normal maps do not shade correctly when in shadow, making them look extremely flat.

These materials look excellent in direct sunlight.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because indoor environments would look better without having to use future lighting.

I understand that these materials need a lighting direction vector to work, surely that could be encoded into the voxel grid?

Metal, Slate, Glass (no transparency or reflection)

Inside (with a pointlight nearby)


Future, for comparison:


Roblox’s vision is likely for all games moving forward to use Future. I’d still love to see ShadowMap have better material support. It’s night and day of a difference.


Sorry for the bump, but I believe Future lighting is overall a better choice, especially as it becomes more expansive and optimized with later updates. I’ve used Future lighting for all of my recent projects.

Future lighting isn’t usable for mobile quite yet.

I’m sure it will be soon, but probably a little dumbed down than for PC, due to resource limitations on mobile devices.

If all fails you could just use Compatibility lighting and just fake lighting, altrough Compatibility looks bad on lowest graphical setting, but so do stuff like ShadowMap anyway.

I’d go with Future like gba0811 said