Mixeriez Public Handbook

Welcome to Mixeriez!
“Baking the difference”

About Us:

Mixeriez was founded in early 2020 and is continuing its journey to stardom. It offers players a range from authentic refreshments, to pure sweet treats. The company’s vision is to truly revolutionize the cafe scene in ascendancy of Mixeriez and to reinvent a high standard of true satisfaction.

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Mixeriez Rules

We trust you to be responsible in our group. Following these guidelines help us keep everyone’s experience enjoyable! You might not like everything you see. If you think that content is inappropriate, please report it to an administrator.

  • Any forms of trolling at our facilities is prohibited. You will be server-banned if an admin deems your behavior as inappropriate.
  • Any advertising will be acted upon immediately. Comments will be deleted, and you may face exile from the group.
  • You must be respectful to each and every member at all times. If you fail to do so, you will be met with extendable penalty.
  • Please don’t cause, start, or get involved in any drama. If drama occurs, contact a staff member to figure it out.
  • Make sure to abide by ROBLOX’s rules, as breaking them can lead to further penalty outside of Mixeriez.
Our Mission

Checking all the objectives, Mixeriez creates a warm and welcoming environment. We cohort with our community to form an amazing group. Each and every day we strive to be successful and to make your experience truly memorable. We can assure you that the management of Mixeriez possesses the determination and dedication to ensure the success of it.


Authority for accepting alliance requests is not solely down to the entire Public Relations team. Though we favor your devotion to find new and intriguing sources for us to create friendships with, all applications must be checked by a Public Relations Officer.


  • Your group must have a minimum of 150 members.
  • You must have at least 1 representative in our Community Server.
  • Your group must be willing to share the news about Mixeriez events and announcements.
  • Group must be a company-based business.
  • Group representatives must be able to communicate with our Communications Team staff.

Note that breaching any of our rules, or falling out of the requirement bracket will result in a termination from our list of affiliates. We thank you for taking interest.

Please notice that this handbook is in development, and there will be changes to come. We thank you for being a member within our community, and we hope you keep on supporting us as we grow.

Mixeriez Executive Team