Mlinar Cafe Standards/Rules

Table of Contents
SECTION I - Grammar
SECTION III - Attitude
SECTION IV - Respect
SECTION V - Protocol for Trollers
SECTION VI - Protocol for Exploiter
SECTION VII - Staff Complaints
SECTION VIII - Popular People



The staff is to use grammar at all times. This includes the cafe, interviews, or any other Mlinar event. In order to keep Mlinar at a professional level, it is important all employees represent the company with proper grammar. If you lack grammar and reach three warnings, a demotion will be issued.


All Mlinar employees are required to wear the uniform while working. This helps us keep a uniformed and consistent look. This will also assist customers in identifying working employees to assist them with any questions or concerns about Mlinar.


Attitude is important around the cafe, along with any Mlinar facilities. Having a negative attitude or showing disrespectful actions can affect the way you work, so it is best that you come to work with the best attitude, and ready to work. Being disrespectful, or having a bad, negative attitude can get you in a world of trouble. The first consequence is when an admin tells you to stop. The second time is being talked to, along with a warning, and three times is a demotion. If you are not having a good day, DO NOT take it out on somebody, or something who did not make you have a bad day. Refrain from: Shouting in all caps, roleplaying commands(hit, kick, or any abuse in ANY physical way), name-calling, and acting unprofessional. You are here to be professional, so please show that you are capable of doing so.


Respect is very IMPORTANT here at Mlinar. You have to give in order to receive it. You have to present the group, and that takes respect, courage, dedication, etc. If a customer does not respect you(calling you names, using roleplaying commands, etc.) you are to call an MR/HR on the server, and if none are on the server, you are to call for an MR/HR to head to the cafe and handle the situation. Note If you continue to go back and forth with that customer, and an MR/HR finds out, that person will not only be in trouble, but you will also. You are a representation of us MR/HR, so you are to present as well.


If you encounter a stroller, here is what you are to do:
Ask them to stop politely
Warn one time(Maxima warnings: 2)
Report to a Supervisor+ to kick/ban. If no MR/HR is on the server, you are to contact on the discord.


If you encounter an exploiter, please please please do the following:
Contact a Supervisor+ IMMEDIATELY, if one is in the server do the same method.
Exploiting means no clipping themselves, or destroying the map. You are to STOP what you are doing and do step number 1.


If a customer comes up to you (A low rank) about any staff complaints, do not take matters under your own authority. Instead, you must take it to the General Manager immediately. If the general manager isn’t around, contact the nearest HR, and It will be forwarded to the General Manager. If you are an LR and caught handling a staff complaint, you will be terminated/suspended from your employment at Mlinar.


If a well-known player joins the game, It would be best if all employees remain chill and professional. We want to treat this player as a regular customer. Famous Robloxians are people too. This is to protect and secure the reputation of Mlinar. Non-Compliance with this order will result in immediate termination / Blacklist from Mlinar without notice.


How to Recieve a Payout to Buy the Uniform

If you are unable to purchase the uniform due to your current amount of Robux, you may ask for a payout by politely Discord PMing ‘achqes’ (marko.#6037) with the following information-
Roblox username
Mlinar rank
Screenshot proof of your insufficient fun

Note Please follow these rules /standards and you will be Okay. If you have ANY questions, you may PM me via Discord. This is a fun game, but don’t let your fun affect your work, or get you in trouble.


Mlinar President

Mlinar President

Mlinar Vice President

The Honorable Achqes
Mlinar Director/Founder