Mobile corner radius is not the same as on PC


I’m designing a GUI with round corners. But when I look on the mobile display it seems the corner radius increases. Yet in BIG Paintball they somehow had the corner radius stay the same for all devises. I used constraints, and correctly scaled it but the corner radius on mobile still increases.

My Problem


Mobile UI (Same frame)

If you play big paintball on mobile, you’ll see that the radius stays the same as on PC. How do I fix this?

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it looks about the same. I really don’t think anyone except you will notice. After all, they are totally different platforms and nobody really compares them these days. Also, games like Arsenal and Big Paintball use advanced scripts to keep their UI looking good for all platforms they support.

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How do you script a UI to stay the same corner radius???

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I don’t know how to, i just know that they do.


If you’re using the new UICorner feature (maybe its still in beta?) you can use “Scale” instead of “Offset”:

Scale, Offset – how the value looks like

what yours probably looks like: 0, 5
what it should look like: 0.1, 0

However if you’re using 9-scaling/those corner plugins then :man_shrugging:
Never really used them

I know how to use scale, constraints, and anchor points but the radius still does not stay the same