Mobile support (Please help) How would I add another line of code for mobile please I been stressing for 2 days i also been reading the wiki

ServerControl.OnServerInvoke = (function(Player, Mode, Value)
if Mode == “KeyPress” and Value then
local Key = string.lower(Value.Key)
local ByteKey = string.byte(Key)
local Down = Value.Down
if Key == “w” or ByteKey == 17 then
Controls.Forward = Down
while Controls.Forward and ToolEquipped do
CurrentSpeed = math.min(CurrentMaxSpeed, (CurrentSpeed + (Acceleration * (1 / 30))))
wait(1 / 30)
elseif Key == “a” or ByteKey == 20 then
Controls.Left = Down
while Controls.Left and ToolEquipped do
TurnSpeed = math.min(5, (TurnSpeed + (TurnAlpha)))
wait(1 / 30)
elseif Key == “s” or ByteKey == 18 then
Controls.Backward = Down
while Controls.Backward and ToolEquipped do
if CurrentSpeed > 0 then
CurrentSpeed = math.max(-20, (CurrentSpeed - (Deceleration * 2.8 * (1 / 30))))
CurrentSpeed = math.max(-20, (CurrentSpeed - (Deceleration * (1 / 30))))
wait(1 / 30)
elseif Key == “d” or ByteKey == 19 then
Controls.Right = Down
while Controls.Right and ToolEquipped do
TurnSpeed = math.max(-5, (TurnSpeed - (TurnAlpha)))
wait(1 / 30)
elseif Key == " " and Down then
if (LastSpace == 0 or (tick() - LastSpace) > 1.9) then
LastSpace = tick()
local BodyForce =“BodyForce”)
BodyForce.force =, (((GetTotalMass(Character) * Gravity) * 4) * 4), 0)
Debris:AddItem(BodyForce, 0.1)
BodyForce.Parent = FakeHandle
elseif Key == “h” and Down then

function InvokeClient(Mode, Value)
local ClientReturn = nil
ClientReturn = ClientControl:InvokeClient(Player, Mode, Value)
return ClientReturn

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I just dont know how to revert that to mobile control i been looking at the wiki man

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to make this game mobile friendly.

  1. To do that, I would recommend using GUI Buttons inside of a ScreenGui.

  2. Set enabled to false on the ScreenGui. If you detect that the player is on a mobile device, enable the ScreenGui. (You can use UserInputService to determine if you need to enable the ScreenGui.)

  3. Whenever the appropriate GuiButton is activated, execute the code corresponding to that button.

Let me know if this is the info you were looking for!

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Wow I figure it out wow thanks so much cuz

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Yeah, glad I could help! I edited my post to improve its structure so hopefully it is easier to reference in the future. Good luck on your game!

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