Mobile Thumbstick Interfering With Custom Camera System


Right now I’m creating a simple custom camera controller that works for PC and mobile. On mobile, I want the camera zoom and panning to be able to be controlled while also using the thumbstick, but the thumbstick area is problematically detecting pinch and pan inputs (and probably all other inputs).

This is where my problem arises: the camera is being moved in ways that it is not intended to be. For example, if the player uses the thumbstick controller to move their character and also tries to pan the camera at the same time, instead of the intended happening, the game detects the thumbstick finger and also the panning finger to be a single pinch, which causes it to zoom instead of the intended panning.

I’ve tried using the gameProcessedEvent parameter of the TouchPinch event (which I use to calculate zooming) to ignore inputs that are game processed, but it seems like the thumbstick controller is not related to it. I think the only way to solve this would be to create my own pinch and pan calculations with the touchPosition parameter to ignore inputs that start near the thumbstick, but I want to ask if there’s an easier and simpler solution to this before I try that.

You can experience the odd behavior for yourself with the links below.

Thank you.

Game Link (play on mobile of course)
CustomCamera (help).rbxl (35.4 KB)