Model Changes Size when Parented from ServerStorage to Workspace

Hello :smiley:
I have a character model I would like to store in ServerStorage until needed. I have it scaled up a bit (with the modl tools) since I am not happy with its size.
For some reason however - and this goes for the studio explorer just as scripts - when I move the model from Workspace to ServerStorage and back to Workspace it shrinked back to its original size.

Does anyone know why this happens?

I hope you can help me, thanks :smiley:

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The Humanoid might have AutomaticScalingEnabled set. With this property set to true, it adds additional items, such as “OriginalSize” to parts, and “OriginalPosition” to attachments.

If a model was placed from a service other than Workspace to Workspace, the auto scale kicks in. Also happens when you add the following NumberValues with names such as:

  • HeadScale
  • BodyHeightScale
  • BodyWidthScale
  • BodyDepthScale
  • BodyTypeScale
  • BodyProportionScale

Simply disabling it would prevent the issue, although the Model must still be in ServerStorage, and has not been placed to Workspace prior. Removing OriginalPosition and Size is not needed.

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Thank you :smiley: I just turned it off and it worked perfectly.
This would have been quite the issue if there were no solution :sweat_smile:

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