Model Collides With Everything

For some reason, every time I try to use my drag script or even the command line to move a model below the ground, it just collides with the ground and won’t move. It also does this with every other part in the game.

Is you mode set to: Physical? Try putting it to: Geometric. That might be the problem
You can change modes to up left on your toolbar

No, it’s already set to Geometric. The strange thing is, when I use the script on individual pieces, they can go through the ground just fine, but when I move the model, it collides. Is it something to do with model:MoveTo()?

Oh I just found out that Model:MoveTo() is supposed to collide with things, I was supposed to use Mode:SetPrimaryPartCFrame()

I think it’s worth mentioning that it will get deprecated soon. So use primarypart.CFrame