Model Feedback (5th Day of Modeling)

Working on a sword.


There is not much to say about it. Maybe add some detail or patterns on the handle?

the blade seems to end in a round way, its personal preference but I suggest sharpening it up a bit,

I also suggest to let us know what type of sword you’re trying to make, it would help more with feedback ^^

Its a katana, I haven’t had time to fix up some of the stuff but I will I know there are some issues with handle.

Yeah, this is a base model, I am going to have variants handle will have wrapping or designs

The blade also tends to get slightly thinner as is gets closer to the tip.

Ehh it’s alright… There isn’t much to it, but as a base it’s alright. But it’s really empty…

Yeah, this is base model as said.

If I know what you mean, the blade is sharp throughout, it does get thinner at the top though.

I don’t use Blender to model but I think there can be more decoration to the handle and some wedge carving on the side of the blade.