Model Optomization

For a shooter game that I’m making, I’m trying to make it optimized for lower end devices. My idea is that I will have the same gun models that the player will see from a first person point of view, and third person view. The fine details like the barrel hole will have a part inside it which will be invisible during first person view, but visible in third person view (Barrel hole will be see in FPV, but not in TPV). Will this do anything to optimize the game, or will it do nothing?

I really hope this made sense.


If you want it to be compatible for lower-end devices…

You should add an 2 options that pop up when you start the game. The first option should be called Low-End Device, and the second option should be High-End Device.

This will be only focusing on the Low-End Device option.

Low-End Device option

  • Changes all materials into Plastic (client-side).
  • Decreases (or completely removes) particles and effects of all weapons.
  • Changes the lighting technology into Compatability.

I’ll keep that in mind, but will making parts transparent help with optimization, or will that not do anything?

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It should (theoretically) help with optimization, because that would be less things to render on the screen.

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