Model page on profile get "open page" box

You all know how you can choose what page to open on group walls, like “go to page 1000”
Instead of clicking next to find page 1000

Well, model pages, is not that good, we have to click 1 by 1 page, to find the page we were on, if we on accedent clicked a models, and goes back to the user’s profile.
I hate that, if there’s 50 - 100 pages of models on someone’s profile, and i get to page 30/100 and refreshes the site, and have to start from page 1 again.
Is it possible to get a “go to page” on the models.

Although I really wish we could get pages by their page number it’s not that simple to implement. The system currently in place doesn’t make this easy at all. When you click the next button what happens is it sends a get request to the servers asking for ‘the next page’ instead of ‘page n+1’. It’d require a lot of change to the back-end code.