Model/building spawns in when specific player joins?

Hey, I just got promoted to member so i can finally post! that’s besides the point, Im currently working on a town game with my friends like Greenville, or Pacifico does. but of course, i want admins and developers, including me, to have custom admin houses. that’s fine and dandy, i know how to do that. what i want to know is if i can make it so no one can touch the house when admins are gone, so basically when a specific player joins (admin) i want a model (their house) to spawn in with the admin, via a script in the model.

TL;DR i want a possible script that can have a model spawn in when a specific player does

You could do something like this:

local Admins = {} --  put userids here

local Model = -- path to model

    if table.find(Admins,player.UserId) then
        local Clone = Model:Clone()
        Clone:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() -- CFrame of new part, make sure the model has a primary part
        Clone.Parent = workspace
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Not sure what half of this means but i’ll try! thanks so much for the help.

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