**Modellers needed** AOT GAME

Hey im the phantomtrap and i’m making an Attack on Titan game.

Recently i made a post looking for scripters and thankfully i have found one however if you want to contribute with scripting your more than welcome.

However i need modellers.

You will be making models of ODM gear, TITANS and the MUSKETS from the anime.

What’s the payment: Right now the amount of payment is not set in stone but, once the game is finished and providing all goes well, YOU WILL BE PAID FOR ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE . The preferred payment is **ROBUX **And, if you are lucky enough, you might be chosen to wield the power of one of the 9 titans.

I have many exciting ideas for this game and i hope you can join me on this journey.
So thank you and adios.

P.S here is the links and a picture of the game so far:

Discord: Discord

Group: 104th titan legion - Roblox

Game: Under Development || AOT the 104th chapter - Roblox

My Discord name: A Pieck Simp #2128

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