Moderated Images

  1. I’ve recently uploaded around 7 images, out of these 7 Roblox moderated 3, A, B, and C. I’m using these images for Billboarguis to tell the player if their team has captured a point.

  2. Here is what A, B, and C look like;
    Capture point A
    Capture point B
    Capture point C

  3. I’ve tried re-uploading these 3 images, but Roblox moderation keeps denying them, while they accept the other 4 images, an example of which can be G;
    Capture point G

This may be because of their defective auto moderation, try opening a support ticket at Support - Roblox so that a human can assist you and resolve this issue.

If you’re retrying the same image, it automatically rejects it. Try changing a pixel and reuploading, or contact the Moderation Review Request group here on the forum.


I moderates wrong alot it moderated this add I made