Moderation on images and topics

I’ve been thinking of backstories and designing graffiti that I plan to put on in-game walls and buildings, but I am afraid of one thing:

The moderation system. As my experience goes on uploading stuff to the Roblox library, I’ve learned that a lot of things count as “not fitting for the platform.” Whether it’s a small piece of text, a slightly blurred image or even a “click here” button.

Would graffiti the represents hate from a made up NPC community towards a made up NPC company be inappropriate for the platform?

Would my account be effected if I upload these images, or even create a storyline that includes these topics ?


The Moderation bot is a wild card really, I was able to upload some questionable uniforms, but when I upload a png of a soldier it gets me a warning. But I don’t think the mod will moderate your stuff here.