Moderation question (Not sure if this is the right topic)

Hello! I was working on a few designs earlier and upon uploading it was moderated. From what I can tell there is nothing against TOS about them. I emailed ROBLOX support about this with no response. That was five days ago, I’m not sure if they just haven’t gotten to it yet or what but I’m getting sick of this.

Previously before the clothing fee I would have let this pass easily and worked to see what was wrong with my design, but now I’m paying for my designs just to have them moderated. Anyhow before this turns into a full on rant, here are the designs:


image image

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I think the skin might be an issue try uploading it but transparent skin.

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It is transparent skin! The skin tone is just apart of the showcase.

The skirt on the second one is WAYY to short. The first one seems fine, maybe make it a bit longer?


Okay! Thank you! That definitely helps.

Last time I got an item moderated, it usually should take about that time for them to get back.

I don’t see anything wrong with them except for the first, I think it’s too small and might be inappropriate.

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