Moderation Review Forum Should Be Private

The Moderation Review forum should be a private forum and not a public forum.
Or at the very least, you should add a private branch to that forum.

  1. In general, I think moderation is a private matter between the game developer and Roblox staff. I see no reason why this should be public at all.

  2. Game assets are often quite expensive to purchase or produce, so protecting those assets from unauthorized use is important. For this reason, I think it is important not to reveal the URL of assets in a public format.

  3. If a game has not launched yet, I also think it is important not to reveal any game assets to the public.

  4. Game asset protection and privacy is a big deal for developers, and so I think Roblox needs to provide a private forum for asset moderation.


I think a better solution would be for there to be in a pinned message such as the “About the Moderation Review Requests category” saying that you can message the group of people directly via PMs as an alternative, because there are many cases where discussion that happens in the category is useful for future reference for developers, as well as the fact that in the case of bugs engineering can give replies.


I have actually tried sending a PM, but it was met with resistance, and I was referred back to posting on the forum. It was obvious that they preferred handling things via the forum.

I think adding a private channel to the forum, while keeping the public channel, would be a good solution.

They seem to have listened to your feedback :smile:


Yup, I think this solves this thread! (Should be marked as solution)