Modern Inventory/Backpack UI

My development team and I are creating a game called “The Dunes”.

The Dunes is a desert/wasteland RPG adventure game; you are woken up in a post-apocalyptical future with no context and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened.

This is one of our interfaces, it is a simple visual tool that lets you keep track of your current quests (this includes things like reaching settlements or crafting items), interactable notes you can find around the map for clues and information, as well as equipping your weapons/ordinances.

Just a few notes, the quests menu has not yet been complete, models and sound effects in the testing game are temporary place holders.

It is partially scripted and can be tested here.

Additionally, you could join our development discord server.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Clean and sleek, personally I would’ve put the icons on the left but that’s just me.

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I was actually experimenting with the icon positioning and believe that putting them on the left caused the UI to appear bulky/messy, as if they were in the way, since your eyes would be distracted looking at the icons first instead of the actual text, though you for the contribution!