Modernised Roblox Concept Designs

Yea so basically I got bored and designed a concept of the Roblox home page UI.


Sidebar Open (missing a few buttons since I couldn’t find the icons for them)

With ads

Search bar expanded/results


Ads and game icons provided by @EuphoriaRevin.

Minor elements such as the background and status design inspired by @nana_kon and @SimplyData.


It’s good, I’d go for a solid 7/10. Also, about the icons, why don’t you have a go at making them using the pen tool if it is available on your software.

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I love the design, especially how it matches the current theme of Roblox’s new client.


  • I think the “See All” button text shouldn’t be underlined.
  • This one is just optional, but Roblox has a new search design:image
  • Instead of displaying a colored text for “In Game” or “Studio”, I think it would be better to display a ring or outline around their Avatar depending on their activity, and an Icon on the bottom right corner of their avatar for either in-game, website, or studio.
  • The buttons at the top and on the sidebar look a bit cluttered and basically all over the place making it look complicated. Maybe move the buttons all into the sidebar?

The inventory icon doesn’t share the same border width with others.
The accent line there is a problem too.

Too packed, honestly.

Those aren’t aligned properly.

Same for the two “See All” buttons

A concept art fails when they don’t look like a website, I personally think yours does not really look like one, but eh.

The point where you mentioned the activity of the player, I strongly agree and did tell the designer on Discord.

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I believe it is fine, as this can be as an accessibility feature, but for looks, yeah it doesn’t look good.

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Don’t do that. Don’t give us hope.

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Eh, I don’t like the font. It’s a good concept, but the font and UI scaling are a bit off-putting.

This is better than the existing Roblox UI design :scream:

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@wevetments @nana_kon @Crytticz Your feedback has been taken into account and mistakes have been corrected.


This. Is. Just. Wonderfully. A. Dream. :frowning:

It matches Roblox Player’s new UI! I wonder when Roblox will update Studio’s UI.

That’s awesome! What if you try recreating a game’s UI too?

Great work, from what my eyes can see, I think they must be enjoying the perfection!