Modern/Sci-Fi Cafe

Any suggestions for improvements to my cafe?

Game link: Sector C: Cafe - Roblox

Additional Info

By the way, there are some special effect menu items. They are:

  • Donut of Disconnection (Top Shelf of Bakery, kicks you from game)
  • Large brick (Top Shelf of Bakery, impossible to remove from inventory except for rejoining)
  • Scientific Coffee (Cup + Coffee + Serum, explosive)
  • Serum X-17a (Cup + Serum, explosive)
  • Spoiled Milk (Cup + Milk + Serum, poisonous)

Also, the Custom Drinks machine (gamepass only) lets you rename an a drink and add effects (explosive, poisonous, speed boost)


It looks good for a starter cafe, you should make the spawn outside instead of the inside though. That way it feels a bit more realistic, the place was nice. I loved the detail that it has.

I think that a clever thing to do would be to drink milk in order to get rid of the poison and speed effects (and heal you up) like in Minecraft!
It was fun to play :slight_smile:

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Bro this is the most real thing I’ve ever seen!
I could never build something so good!

Keep up the good work!