Module Script Calling Error

Hello, I am trying to convert my game into module scripts, and I am having an issue on the client side. I have a module script in StarterGUI along with a local script which calls it, and i am getting this error.
Why is this happening? This was not happening on the server side.

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Maybe the module isn’t loaded yet. Try using:



Inifnite yield possible it says

This might be a silly question. But is your code spelled correctly?

Can we see the module script and local script please?

If you are calling one of the Players Children inside the ModuleScript, i dont think it would work, you can try setting a Variable to the LocalPlayer, and when on the LocalScript, call the Player , and then the Player’s Gui from there

Looking back i wasnt reading right:
So something like this:

local module = {
plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer;

return module
A = require(ModuleScript)

A.plr.PlayerGui -- Might work but im not sure

You can also try StarterGui

Yeah it was, but I just realized I shouldnt be using module scripts for local scripts anyways because there is not really a point if it is being replicated, also because I am calling remotes in the modulescript. So i just reverted to the local script.

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