Module Script for a Plugin

I’m making a plugin and I’m using an API for it. For my proxy, I use a Module Script. But when I play, it errors with:

Http requests can only be executed by game server

Is there a way for it to not error? Thanks!

Do you have activate http request on?
You can activate it in the Settings!

Yes, I do!

It’s a plugin, which is meant to be opened in Studio.

For testing the API that you’re making you have to integrate it to the plugin

I think you have to give permission to the plugin itself to use HttpService. This security change was made some time ago to restrict users from making malicious plugins.

Edit: Also I think your error is related to trying to make an http request from a LocalScript it must be a Script so you have to make both of your scripts communicate(remotes are perfect for this).

Can we see your code? You can censor what you need to obviously but after testing every way I could think of to replicate this outside of that I could never get this error to crop up.

only use httpservice in a script.

jsondecode or jsonencode maybe can be used in a localscript maybe also urlencode

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