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Save My Time Module

Are you a guy who doesn’t make variables a lot in your scripts? Well, this module script will change any property in the Instance in the module, as an example, changing a part’s position:

Instead of typing this:

workspace.Part.Position =,2,0)

The Save My Time module will require you to just do this!

SaveMyTimeModule:ChangePartPosInWorkspace("Part" -- Part Name,,2,0))

Or loading an animation track, loading a model from InsertService and more!

Notification Module

This simple module will add custom notifications to your game, it just inserts a Frame in a screen gui, which when the module is called by let’s say… NotificationsHandler:NotifyMe(), it will create a customizable notification template.

Custom Proximity Prompts

I really recommend voting on this module to be created, this module will allow you to do some big changes on ProximityPrompts, like the font, background color, hold button and more… By calling a function, input the parameters and you can decide if only a specific Proximity prompt will change or all of them!

Simple Admin Commands

This module will create a simple admin command, which can be triggered by buttons and stuff like that, it can kick, tp, bring to, do some funny things, and more…

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  • Save My Time Module
  • Notification Module
  • Proximity Prompts Module
  • Simple Admin Commands Module

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Thank you!

It appears that I’ll be creating two modules. A module for notifications and another for proximity prompts!