Modulescript not replicating table to client?

So im using a modulescript in replicatedstorage to store data about squads of players in a table, which needs to be accessed by client and server, and everywhere i’ve seen says that this information should replicate to all clients since its being changed on the server, and yet, I get this when I try to print the tables contents on the client and server.


Heres my serverside script inserting a new team.

	table.insert(mod.Teams,{plr.Name,1}) -- first is team name, second is playercount

-- printing returns team properly as seen in image

and then im simply printing it on the client, which is a localscript inside StarterGui:

print(mod.Teams) -- returns {}

ModuleScripts have a mind of their own and do not share client and server details. If it was required on a client, everything that was required is client only. Server cannot change anything and vice versa with server.


Yeah, figured this out and resorted to keeping values in a folder. Thanks for the response.

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