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What is Mokató?

Mokató is a barbeque themed role-play restaurant which offers a wide variety of different barbeque foods. The Staff Team as well as the Management Team work hard daily to the best of their ability to ensure that each and every customer that walks through the door is pleased with their experience. We precede that you thoroughly enjoy your time whilst visiting Mokató.

This handbook will be elaborating on distinct information which is utilized regularly here, at Mokató. It will allow our Low Ranks and Visitors to be aware of the functions at the restaurant.

After reviewing the handbook, any inquiries, concerns, or even questions can be directed towards a member of the Management Team. Thank you for visiting Mokató!

Low Rank Regulations

[1] Immaculate grammar, punctuation, and conventions are mandatory towards all Low Ranks of Mokató.

[2] Service only extends towards items on the menu. Serving items not found on the menu is prohibited.

[3] Displaying desire for a promotion, or hinting, is strictly prohibited and will result in consequences.

[4] Breaks are permitted, however, the majority of your shift is expected to include working.

[5] Professionalism is mandatory at all times in any premise, which includes adequate service as well as adhering to and enforcing regulations regularly.

Rank Information


Customer: These are individuals that have joined the group to support Mokató, they’re a customer, with no staff rank. Those ranked Customer can visit the restaurant or apply for a job.

Prominent Customer: Those ranked Prominent Customer are those who are recognised for previous/current hard work and efforts at Mokato. This includes but is not limited to former staff, alliance representatives and group investors/contributors.

Trainee: An individual ranked Trainee is someone who has taken and passed the application located at our Quiz Centre. They are not considered a Low Rank and are not required to use grammar. They will have to attend a training session to further gain access to a higher Low Rank.

Low Ranks:

Server: This is an individual who will stand at the front desk and await for customers, sometimes members of the Management Team to serve and take their order. They don’t have access to the kitchen at this point.

Chef: This is an individual who usually stays in the kitchen and prepares the orders which the customers have asked for, this is usually provided by the Server’s.

Senior Staff: An individual ranked Senior Staff is someone who has proven themselves to be worthy of the skills, from both the Server and Chef rank. These individuals can now work both positions.

Staff Leader: This is an individual who is extremely dedicated towards their position here at Mokató. This rank has the ability to apply for our monthly Grill Assistant applications, to become a member of our Management Team.

Middle Ranks:

Grill Assistant: This is the first attainable MR rank within Mokató. Upon gaining this role, you will be permitted to use moderator commands to efficiently supervise the restaurant. The main duty of a Grill Assistant is to supervise the restaurant and assist with training sessions.

Restaurant Supervisor: This is the second Middle Rank attainable after Grill Assistant. They are required to help supervise the restaurant and punish anyone who does not abide by implemented rules. They are essentially the same as the Grill Assistants but with more experience.

Manager: This is the final Middle Rank at Mokató. They should continue to apply knowledge gained from their duration as the previous ranks to protect the restaurant from exploiters, etc. Furthermore, they are to continue assisting with training. They are to also continue showing high levels of activity and gaining experience to attempt to earn a promotion to HR.

High Ranks:

General Management: This is the first set of people to join the High Rank Team. At this rank, you have the ability to be interviewed to join a department by the Presidential Team. They also have the ability to promote via group admin at trainings.

Corporate Assistant: This is the first HR rank to be eligible to join a department (Internal Management or Public Relations). They are given the duty to assist with a department as well as help oversee trainings and ensure all operations are running effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Director: This is the highest attainable rank before Presidential Advisor. Their duties are to generally oversee their department and work alongside their department members.

Presidential Team:

Presidential Advisor: This is the first rank to join the Presidential Team. They now have much more responsibility of the group itself. They assist with any general issues, suggestions and overall safety of the community. They help moderate the server as well as the game to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Vice President: Members given the Vice President position are those who co-own the corporation. They should be overseeing all staff members, including Presidential Members to ensure everything is running as expected. As well as this, they will work alongside the President and Chairman to manage the group. This role is currently limited to 3 members; guiItrip, steIluIar and Vereutos are the only members ranked as Vice President currently.

President: The President of Mokató co-owns the corporation as well as manage and oversee the entire group alongside the Chairman. They oversee both departments to ensure everything is running smoothly. This role is limited to 1 member; svirxtz is the only member ranked as President currently.

Chairman: The Chairman is the owner of Mokató, as well as the group and operations overseer. They manage the group and ensure that everything is operating successfully and on track. This position is only obtainable if the current owner steps down from this position. The current owner of Mokató is riwtual.

Department Information

Staffing Department:

The Staffing Department manages staff punishments such as warnings, suspensions, demotions, and even terminations. They also get to be incorporated in promoting staff who are eligible for that promotion.

Public Relations Department:

The Public Relations Department handles and manages the affiliations of Mokató as well as the events and communication-related tasks of the group. The Public Relations Department works with affiliates to create a strong, inter-community bond by hosting and participating in events, establishing new alliances, and polishing the reputation of the community!

LR Promotion Information

Customer > Trainee: Simply go to our Quiz Centre and proceed with completing the quiz. After your results have been determined, and if you’ve passed, you’ll be automatically ranked to “Trainee”.

Trainee > Server: If you wish to begin your journey here, and want to be able to start working with the corporation. You simply need to attend and pass one training to be ranked as “Server.” Once you’ve completed that, you now have the ability to serve guests!

Server > Chef: In order to be promoted to Chef, you will need to obtain a total of 50 points whilst working at the restaurant and attending a training session to gain learning experience and understand the workings of the role.

Chef > Senior Staff: In order to be promoted to Senior Staff, you will need to obtain a total of 100 points whilst working at the restaurant.

Senior Staff > Staff Leader: In order to be promoted to Staff Leader, you will need to obtain a total of 150 points whilst working at the restaurant.

Staff Leader > Grill Assistant: In order to be promoted to Grill Assistant, you will need to be a Staff Leader for a minimum time of 1 week to be eligible. Once you’ve been Staff Leader for a minimum time of 1 week, you will either need to pass applications which are posted regularly or be noticed by a Manager+.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are held by any individuals ranked Supervisor+ for those ranked Trainee and Server to be able to learn more information regarding staff conduct, practices and systems of the restaurant as well as examine their knowledge. Training sessions are normally hosted to examine if a Low Rank in question is prepared for the succeeding rank.

Weekday Schedule (Monday - Friday)

12:00PM EST
4:00PM EST
8:00PM EST

Weekend Schedule (Saturday - Sunday)

11:00AM EST
1:00PM EST
4:00PM EST
9:00PM EST

The following schedule runs throughout the weekdays, and weekends. Although there is a schedule for training sessions, those ranked Supervisor+ are granted to host an unscheduled training session, with permission from a member of the Corporate Team.

Alliance Information

Listed down below is all the information you may need, in regards to forming an alliance with Mokató. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Public Relations Department.

Affiliation Requirements:

  • Group must have an active Discord server.
  • Group’s game doesn’t need to be released, but it should be in development/there should be a clear development plan in place.
  • Group must have 100+ members.
  • Group must be active, and consistently gaining new members.
  • Group must have 2-3 alliance representatives join our group and Discord server.
  • Group must remain professional within both groups at all times.
  • Group must announce events and applications at Mokató when asked to do so.

Affiliation Application:

  1. What is your group’s name?
  2. Please describe your group in detail (3+ sentences).
  3. How many members are in your group AND Discord?
  4. Please link your group and Discord.
  5. Who are your 2-3 alliance representatives?
  6. Why does your group want to ally with Mokató?
  7. How will your group benefit Mokató as an alliance?
  8. What is your definition of an alliance, and why is it important to form strong relationships between them?

Once you’ve read through all of our alliance information and decided that your establishment fits all of the necessary requirements, you may fill out the application form above and send it to a member of the Public Relations Department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get a job here at Mokató?
To get a job at Mokató, simply join the group and then join the application centre and take the Trainee quiz!

How do I rank up from “Trainee”?
In order to rank up from Trainee, you need to attend one training session and pass it. Once you’ve done that, you will automatically be ranked to “Server”.

How do I join the communications server?
The communications server link can be located on the group page, under ‘Social Links’, there you can find important information, announcements, etc regarding Mokató.

What do I do when someone is trolling?
If you encounter a troller, you may contact an MR+ via our Communications Server or the Group Wall and notify them that there is a trolling in-game. However, as an LR; you need to warn them once then contact an MR+.

How do I give items to customers?
To hand items to customers, simply use the “!handto” command, followed by the persons username.

What do I do if I encounter a bug?
If for any reason you encounter a bug in our game, please make sure you report it instantly! You can report this to our Lead Developer, riwtual via our Communications Server or report it on our Group Wall and our Development Team will instantly take a look into the issue.

Much appreciation to you for perusing the handbook. The Staffing Department trusts that any requests about the points above have been replied. Nonetheless, in the event that you actually have inquiries regarding the strategies at Mokató, kindly remind yourself to contact an individual from the Staffing Department or Corporate Team with your inquiry.

Important Links:

Application Centre

This handbook was written by @alourifies on behalf of the Staffing Department at Mokató, approved by @riwtual, and last updated on February 12th.

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