Moltè Staff Guidelines

Information below outlines attire, behavioral guidelines and rules our management team and employment team must follow. If you need clarification, contact a corporate manager or higher ranked employee on our communications hub!

If there is any confusion as to what your role and its duties are, read about your rank and its responsibilities in the job information topic: Moltè Job Information.

:clipboard:STAFF RULES:

  1. Utilize grammar while at the bistro. Grammar is not required in #general.
  2. Do not go AFK unless it is in the staff lounge.
  3. Uphold and follow all community rules while at the bistro.
  4. Have fun and support your fellow workers!
  5. Follow all guidelines outlined in this topic.
  6. Refrain from starting arguments and drama with other members.

:clipboard:WARNING SYSTEM:
Moltè’s warning system is to be used upon member(s) that are fracturing Community Rules or the Staff Guidelines; more information here: Moltè Community Rules.



If you were terminated from a middle or senior management position, you will not be able to re-apply or be re-hired for these positions. You will only be eligible to achieve the role of Head Bistro Employee again. If your fracture is severe, you may be terminated without suspension.

Staff are instructed to wear attire that is work related (Management Employee Uniform) while on shift at Moltè games. If staff need funding for the management outfit, Moltè will provide the funds. While off duty, staff are expected to maintain an appropriate work attire.


  • Management: Staff Management Uniform while on shift.
    ⟶ Wearing this uniform and not being management is not permitted.
  • Employees: Moltè Worker Uniform while on shift.
  • Appropriate Clothing while off shift.


  • Gang or Religious Related.
  • Physically Revealing.
  • Bypassed Words.
  • Any hair that isn’t Hair Extensions.
  • Violating ROBLOX’s Terms of Service.

As a Bistro Employee, you are expected to greet customers, utilize grammar, and be professional at all times. You must be able to greet customers, make menu items, with assistance of the recipe guide if needed, place orders, restock items and clean dishes. You must be quick and efficient so that there are enough items stocked and clean to perform the order. Communicate with your fellow peers if you need help, and consult the Recipe Guide if you don’t know how to execute a menu item.


  • Hello! Welcome to Moltè, my name is Moltian, how can I help you today?
  • Greetings, welcome to Moltè. My name is Moltian, what can I get started for you today?

The greeting(s) above are just some examples. Feel free to add some creativity. We recommend saving your greeting and copying it so that you can simply paste it instead of having to write it out each time.

As a member of the Management department, Moltè expects you to uphold all rules and follow them, as they still apply to you. You are expected to utilize grammar, assist other employees and to maintain a positive work environment for all players in the server.

  1. Uphold all community rules and follow them.
  2. Do not get offended or angry if you are not promoted or selected to shadow a member of management; you will get your turn as there are many sessions.
  3. Act as a role model for other employees.
  4. Never deny aid to any employee that is asking.
  5. Never ignore direct messages from any management rank.

While at a Moltè Hub Session:

  1. Trainees and Customers must have good grammar. If there is little to no knowledge of grammar present, fail them. Trainees that fail to utilize grammar at the session or at the bistro are to be demoted back to Customer.
  2. When evaluating trainee’s grammar, please do not be extremely strict. If it’s a simple mistake, do not demote them, but teach them so they don’t make the same mistake.
  3. Do not fail a good Trainee or good Customer. Likewise, do not pass a bad Trainee or bad Customer. Remember, we want to ensure that they will properly contribute to bistro activities and uphold a professional level.
  4. If you do not know how to lead a group of trainees, contact the host or co-host and pass the role to someone else. You must shadow someone before you can lead a group.
  5. Do not lie about shadowing a higher ranked staff employee; shadowing is logged with the initial session log, and lying will result in suspension or termination.
  6. If you do not feel comfortable, neither will your Trainees or Customers. Have fun with your trainees/customers, and if they make a simple mistake, correct them instead of kicking them. Being too strict in this case may result in termination.

:clipboard:ADMIN ABUSE:
The following commands, although not able to be performed by everyone, are restricted. This means that if you are caught using them, you will be punished accordingly.

  • Before you execute the command, make sure it isn’t abusive.
  • Do not teleport any members of Senior Management around, PM them instead.
  • Make sure to read trollers names before kicking, as some start their names with “all”.


  • :kick all
  • :ban all
  • :jumppower
  • :speed
  • :gear me
  • :ff all
  • :refresh all (Unless Necessary)
  • :respawn all (Unless Necessary)
  • :pm all (Unless Necessary)
  • :createserver
  • :bring all

Best Wishes,
Moltè Senior Management