Mondo Hotels Announcement

Hello, Kian here.

I’ve just come here to give an update about the upcoming Mondo Hotels for since I’m getting a lot of questions about it.

For starters, the hotel is likely to open in either July or August however I am quite busy this year and have other projects that may also get in my way however I will be trying to work on the hotel as much as I can.

I’m now going to answer some questions I am being asked quite frequently about the project itself:

When is the hotel coming out?
As stated before we don’t have a solid date however July or August will be the earliest.

Can I get a job?
Applications will not be opening until the hotel is at a good level of progress and the majority of staff-based systems are complete.

Can we see the hotel?
I’m trying to not sure too many pictures for the moment until I am personally fully happy with the progress being made.

Can I help with the construction of the hotel?
I don’t really require assistance with the construction at this point in time however if I ever require people to assist it will be announced.

I hope that has cleared up a couple things and I hope you’re looking forward to Mondo Hotels.


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