Monetization of Minigame Game

Im currently working with @Andrevk26 on a minigame game. Now the time has come to create a shop for in game items which can be buyed with a in-game currency. Our game is round based. Every round takes between 1 and 3 minutes.

The question now is how we should design our prices.

  • How much coins do you get for each round
  • Shall the amount depend on difficulty of the minigame
  • Shall we make shop prices high to make players play more / buy coins
  • High or low prices to buy Coins for R$

Till now we are still pretty uncertain as this is our first game and we don’t got any experience. What systems have you implemented in your game? What would you suggest us to do?

Thanks in advance :happy1:


In my opinion, the player should get

Easy - 10 coins
Medium - 50 coins
Hard - 80 coins
Per round.
In my head that sounds fair, because the harder it is, the more you get.

About the shop prices; The better quality the item has, the more it costs of course.
Coin prices; You should maybe look at Murderer Mystery 2, Arsenal, Adopt Me and Piggy (Maybe) for the best prices.

I myself do not have a shop in my game, but I know some stuff about shops, as I’ve helped with currency with a lot of people.


I agree with @Fuuntiime, but let me make a few changes:

  • You always get coins even if you lose.
  • Easy - 10 coins and 5 more if you win
  • Medium - 45 coins and 15 more if you win
  • Hard - 70 coins and 30 more if you win

And about buying coins with :robux:, at least make it so each tier would be a better deal. Like:

Tier Cash Robux
1 20 5
2 80 15
And you keep on going.
  • idk 10 coins for each if things are expansive, 5 if cheap

  • yes

  • no, people wont like spending a lot of money in a small game, and people might think that you guys are shallow

*it depends how many coins you get for how many robux


I think each player should be getting
-The easier rounds: 15 coins
-Medium rounds: 25
-Harder rounds: 40
Yes the amount should depend on the difficulty of the minigame.

Making everything super high would be a bit boring unless you have a lot of minigames and an equal amount of difficulties for each one, otherwise it would be time consuming and not fun.

You should price things based on how good they are, do they affect how people play the game? Are they just cosmetic? Think about those and give them a reasonable price but not too cheap where you have to play just two rounds to get a good item.

It depends on how much coins are being bought, if 4K coins are being bought it should be the most costly one, if It’s something like 125 coins then you could do it for 50 robux at the cheapest amount to buy. Things in the middle such as 500 should be at 80 and something like 2K which is half of the most costly coin pack to purchase it should be at 1K or 1.5K

Good luck on your game

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