Money Simulator Two: Game Information

Welcome to MS2’s Game Information!
Yes, this post is a messy amalgamation.
Let’s be honest, only the dedicated players read this. I’m sure you don’t really mind.

Star Event Chances
The higher the number, the higher the chance it has of materialising when you collect a star!
Collecting a star gives you 1/135 of your Net Worth.
Cash Rain: 20
Tix Rain: 15
Money Bag Rain: 10
All Items Donatable: 10
Instant/Extended Fever: 10
Boss: 10
Fan Bosses: 5
Five Random Bosses: 7.5
All Bosses:
Airstrike: 10
Multiplier Coin Rain: 2
Obstacle Course: 5
Another Two Stars: 5
Ultra Multiplier Coin Rain: 1
??? Event: 0.1

Okay, now that’s out of the way, onto more mechanical statistics.

Pretty self-explanatory if you’ve played the game.

Default Sword:
No requirements, granted when spawned into the game.
The default sword can be used to damage players. It has set amounts of damage and can be used on all players.
DamageValues = { BaseDamage = 5, SlashDamage = 10, LungeDamage = 30 }

Donation Bag:
No requirements, granted when spawned into the game.
The default donation bag can be used as a method of helping your friends. It drops 2.5% of your Cash. Dropping Cash from the Donation Bag does not affect Net Worth!
Cooldown of 0.5s per click.

Golden Donation Bag:
Gamepass-only tool.
Not added yet.

Multiplier Donation Bag
Essentially an end-game bag. Requirements are 50x Ultra Multiplier and 777 Square Power.
The multiplier bag can be used to donate Multiplier to your friends.
It drops 1x Multiplier * by your Ultra Multiplier.
For example, if you had 53x Ultra Multiplier, it would drop 53x Multiplier per click.
Cooldown of 0.5s per click.

This nifty list provides the name of the boss and also its corresponding power level. The power level of a boss determines not only the damage & health of a boss, but also its drops.

Super Ayphic (???) - 15;
The Ayphic - 2;
The NikoSquared - 1.75

The Sto_z - 1.5;
The Qingep - 1
The pro2438945 - 1.

Fake Connor7212 - 0.75
Fake zPvPSwager - 0.75
Fake MRMOCHInib - 0.65

Fake bavtar - 0.5
Fake ghostman066178 - 0.5
Fake GamerOfRobloxD - 0.5
Fake NotIcEDCAves - 0.5
Fake flankmekid - 0.5

Obtainable Numbers
This contains the list of all obtainable figures in Money Simulator. The digit in bold is the highest figure of Net Worth obtained by a player so far.

K = Thousand
M = Million
B = Billion
T = Trillion
Qd = Quadrillion
Qn = Quintillion
Sx = Sextillion
Sp = Septillion
Oc = Octillion
No = Nonillion
D = Decillion
UnD = Undecillion
DD = Duodecillion
TD = Tredecillion
QdD = Quattuordecillion
QnD = Quindecillion
SxD = Sexdecillion
SpD = Septendecillion
OcD = Octodecillion
ND = Novemdecillion
Vn = Vigintillion
UnVn = Unvigintillion
DVn = Duovigintillion
TVn = Trevigintillion
QdVn = Quattuorvigintillion
QnVn = Quinvigintillion
SxVn = Sexvigintillion
SpVn = Septenvigintillion
OcVn = Octovigintillion
NoVn = Novemvigintillion
Tri = Trigintillion

Whew, that was a long list.

Producer Drops
Drops produced by your producer work on a basis of chance, similar to Star Event Chances. The higher the number, the higher the chance of it spawning.
Speaking of producer drops, the maxmium Autoclicker Level is 120, and the cooldown for clicking your producer is 1s. Therefore, giving you an ultimate potential of spawning 240 items per minute. Items that despawn from your producer grant you 70% of their original worth.

["Events"] = {
		["Cash"] = 100,
		["Tix"] = 12,
		["MoneyBag"] = 4,	

I won’t go over Square spawning chances, you can check that in the Square Panel.
I also won’t go over any formulas in this post, nor will I ever. Those things took me ages to perfect.

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