Moon Animator failing to export keyframes correctly

When exporting a custom rig that completely functions and exports in the base Roblox animation tool, the animation will not function at all - either through the base animation tool or through loading the animation via script. The keyframes exist inside of the KeyframeSequence, but when the KeyframeSequence is loaded into the Roblox animator, no keyframes appear. Exporting the Sequence as an animation and importing it into either the animator or a animation and running it via a script gives the same result, with only the timescale carrying over correctly.

I wasn’t having this issue a few hours ago, so my guess is either I’m doing something incorrect while rigging or some sort of bug appeared. I’ve tested this on an avatar rig and everything seems to work fine.

Here is a file for the place:
BugTest11-06-21.rbxl (37.8 KB)

I’ve converted all of the meshes to squares as I’m working with some pretty complex models I’m not ready to release to the public yet.