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We are in need of Staff members and customer to help our group grow! So plz join for the help of Moon Cafe!

Who are we?
We are Moon Cafe and we are known for our amazing lattes hence the cafe name. We were established early on 2020 and since being founded by Kiylof we have learn everyday new things about the cafe industry we hope one day we can be one of the cafes to encourage other business owners and roblox users like ourselfs to own their own cafe and be part of something bigger!

  • All staff must use proper grammar and punctuation while in the Moon server.
  • Trolling will result in kicking and if continued possibly banning.
  • Exploiting will result in an immediate banning; it is not taken lightly.
  • Everyone in the game is to be treated with respect.
  • Any sort of spam will lead to kicking you out of the game
  • Sharing or asking for any personal information about yourself or others will not be
  • Advertising a separate group/game/other is not tolerated.
  • Refrain from trash talking other groups or other people.
  • Raiding will result in an instant banishment.
  • Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use at all times
  • No online dating on the server that will lead to a report.
  • Make sure to join the discord server to stay updated.
Shift Guide

• Shifts are randomly hosted by an HR+ and MRs such as Staff Assistant and Staff Intern can help train.

• Shifts are hosted 30 minutes apart

• promotions will be given to hard working staff

Hosting Details:

• Host must be a Supervisor+

• Co-Host must be a Shift Leader+

• Trainer’s must be an MR+

• The max rank you can recieve at a training is Barista.
Trainings must be announced on our Discord/Roblox (Must)

[Training Guide]
(Coming soon)

Recipe Guide

[Recipe Guide]
Coming Soon!

Staff Command only

Professional Barista and Staff Intern+(Some these commands are limited to certain few like)
:kick( Shift leader+)

Hi yall I am the owner welcome to StarLatte Cafe!