Moon Development Job fair!

HR and Developer Job Fair!
Moon Development is a Roblox/ Discord Related company, that builds, scripts UI, Low poly assets, and GFX. We Will be releasing our Web Hosting services in 5 months!
Our most Recent event Right now, is the Job Fair. A job fair shows interested Developers, and Group moderators what positions are available. We will post the Game Link for the job fair tomorrow, and If you would like to apply, Please visit our website.
Need addition Help and or Info? You can contact us via. Discord and myself.
Discord: Discord
Website: Moon Development
Game Link: Moon Development - Job Fairs


Before I apply, I was wondering if there is any payment for each position? Could you go into detail for every single position you’re hiring for developing too, please.

We are hiring the following positions…
Positions Open
Builder x1
F3x Specialist x5
Scripter x1
Admin Assistant x1
Admin Intern –
Development Intern –
The payment plan is a bit different though.
It is first come first serve.
When a Order form comes through, the first one to claim it will work on it, and obtain the money that the consumer pays. Moon development only takes 1% away of what you make on each project. This is to pay for ads, services, and also making our company better.
Thanks for reaching out to me,
Best Regards,

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