Mordaux - Builder - Guns and Places -

Hello, My name is Mordaux, Previously Mordor958.

I’ve been building guns and places for groups since 2012, I’ve stopped building recently due to School, but have free time and plan to pick back up.

I am about to finish my degree in Architectural Design, so I have professional experience with design work.

I’m a Co Owner of Heckler and Koch, a group on Roblox containing some of the best gun builders on the game, including Shaylan007 (Phantom Forces) and many others.

Some of the groups I have had a lead developer position for in the past have included but are not limited to

Roblox Assault Team
The Grand Imperium
United States Military
Johns Cobras
The Galactic Republic 
Team Domino
[USA]The United States of America.

And many more…

Some of my more recent work, Past few years.
I will be frequently updating this frequently.

Here is an album showing some of my professional design work for school:

I am open to work, Feel free to reach out and we can talk about what you need.

Roblox: Mordaux
Devforum: Mordaux
Discord: Mordaux #0887

Thanks for looking, If you are looking for a professional, Look no further.


Your discord dosent work but I would still like to have you build guns for me (for pay in robux odviously) Its for my Military game. Add me at EternalCanadianDev#1541 on discord or contact via dev forum.

The guns and recruitment center are VAK but u didnt put them in the references. Btw the architecture stuff is really cool.