More Accurate Mouse Positioning

Basically, I’m making a game where I have many abilities that activate after an animation but the mouse position is captured before the animation even starts, which makes your aim very delayed when using the ability. I’m looking for a way to get a more live mouse position when using the ability. Currently, I have 3 scripts that handle the ability, a client side script that activates with a key press and captures the mouse position, that then goes through a server script that handles the animation which then fires all clients to go through a 2nd client script to handle the effects and such. By the time you’re at the 3rd script and the effects are being created, the mouse position is usually fairly delayed or old. But i cannot get the mouse position through an all client script or a server script so im not sure what to do from here.

Here is a video as an example of what I mean.

As a side note im also wondering if there is a better way of handling abilities besides the method I currently use.

This should be moved to scripting support, since this has nothing to do with the ROBLOX platform, it has to do with development.

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