More advanced pm system

I’m talking about refining the current one if needed and have some things we could set e.g.
[li]If I want to auto-deiete an message that contains something like; ‘Join group’ ‘donate’ etc it would get moved straight to archive and marked as read (Although archive doesn’t delete it :()[/li]

[li]Being able to block certain users from sending you messages (spam mails anyone?)[/li]

[li]To forward messages containing certain words/phases, however the other user that you set to forward to will have to accept before these messages get forwarded (this would be really helpful for game teams, you could forward certain messages manually with a button or as I say with certain words so one person in your team handles tech questions etc etc)[/li]

[li]An auto responder if you’re on holiday or something and want people to know you’re away it would reply back (not sure on this one)[/li]

The auto responder could find a phrase and based on that phrase respond with a set text. Also, the forwarding would be useful for group reminders (especially if you’re in a clan and you want to remind everyone of a certain rank or in the the whole group about a meeting).

Since this is roblox, we should be able to set a Lua handler function to process the PM’s and forward, respond or make a summary.

I need an auto-reply bot.

That would be a fun little tool to use :3

That would be awesome, just make a simple matching function and a set table of replies… :3, umg i so excited i leik am fan-boying!

Hehe, I had one running some months again, it detected those “join my group pls” PMs etc and responded them to join my group and told why mine was better :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly enough, my whole ‘inventory’ of ROBLOX scripts etc got wiped out due an incident :oops:

I might recreate this because it was funny how some people actually responded back :slight_smile:

In-game event: MessageRecieved returns sender (not message for privacy reasons)

Would be able to make custom GUI that says “New Message from xxxxx!” in-game – cool I guess.