More Collider Options for CSG Objects

To me it’s almost disgusting that when the CSG physics was released we were stuck with using complex colliders rather than having some options like using convex collider.

Say we make a super awesome detailed sword and we wanted to use it in a hack & slash game, we do not need that crazy hitbox we want a simple one.

Another example of using convex is with complex props like a guitar or statue for when they fall for places like stairs.

I think we need 4 collider options:

[li]Disabled <–Would be the same as setting cancollide to false and is a box.[/li]

We really need these simple collision hulls. They’ve been missing ever since CSG physics were released, and they’ve pretty much made CSG useless to me. It’s only a performance hit now, and a complication when scripting things that involve any form of interaction with any surface on a CSG object.

I’ve been asking about this even before CSG physics were released and I’ve always been reassured that this would be an option. Why isn’t it?

These fancy collision hulls are a nuisance when it comes to performance and there’s no way to turn it off! Why?

Why this wasn’t a feature from the beginning is beyond me, and the fact it still isn’t is absolutely disgusting to me.

I’m assuming you guys already thought of this, but you can also make your own hit boxes form normal parts and weld a non-colliding CSG part to them.

We don’t want ugly workarounds.

Temporary solutions until something like this comes along (if it does at all) are better than nothing.

Temporary solutions until something like this comes along (if it does at all) are better than nothing.[/quote]

There’s multiple issues with that:
[li]It hurts the performance twice, because the silly fancy collision hull is still calculated, even with CanCollide off (for .Touched events) and now it has to also calculate the hitbox for a seperate part. Since this is mostly about performance issues, your ugly workarounds don’t solve the problem in the slightest.[/li]
[li]Welds can be broken in so many different ways it’s not even funny, and if it happens on accident you’re screwed.[/li]
[li]It’s an ugly workaround to ‘pretend like’ we have a feature that should have been there from the very beginning.[/li]

I really don’t understand what’s so difficult about adding a new property that does this. It’s literally 5 minutes of work. If it’s more because they still need to plan, design and whatnot this feature, the people at Roblox have themselves and only themselves to blame. We developers have expressed our concerns about this feature even before CSG physics were released. I don’t know what they expected would happen if they simply left it out.

All I want is box collisions. It’d solve every issue I have with CSG.